A description of the compaq computer corporation founded in february 1982 by rod canion

Salamie Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Compaq saw this as a way to generate more service and consulting revenue while opening potentially lucrative new markets for its core product line.

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Following the merger, all Compaq computers were shipped with HP software. The first Compaq PC was sketched out on a placemat by Ted Papajohn while dining with the founders in a Houston pie shop. Two weeks after Canion's ouster, five other senior executives resigned, including remaining company founder James Harris as SVP of Engineering. Though the combination of both companies' PC manufacturing capacity initially made it the number one, it soon lost the lead and further market share to Dell which squeezed HP on low end PCs. Alan M. It was Compaq's first non-portable computer and began the Deskpro line of computers. Most companies would point to compensation plans, stock options, and bonuses as the way to keep people. In the United States, Brendan A. A lot of the things that helped Compaq move out in front went against generally accepted opinion. Its research and development capabilities, while dwindling, were still among the best in the industry. So thinking long term turns out to be just a commonsense thing to do. Compaq grew rapidly as it spread across wooded acres in the suburbs northwest of Houston.

It keeps you from getting on to other opportunities. Depke, Deidre A.

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You never know unless you try. It sounds as though Compaq adopted a long-term orientation toward the business right from the beginning. And we could do it first. Eckhard Pfeiffer , then president of Compaq International, was named to succeed him. Singapore ; Compaq Computer S. Rose had joined Compaq in from Digital Equipment Corporation where he oversaw the personal computer division and worldwide engineering, while Stimac had been with Compaq since and was one of the longest-serving executives. It did not invent any of the crucial components, however. In contrast to Dell Computer and Gateway , Compaq hired veteran engineers with an average of 15 years experience, which lent credibility to Compaq's reputation of reliability among customers. The shift from an industrial economy to one based upon information and services was being hailed as being as transformative and empowering as the discovery of plentiful and cheap oil had been almost a century earlier. The company was realigned into desktop and systems divisions.

But depending on growth as the antibiotic for what ever ails you will eventually get you into serious trouble. And we could do it first. InfoWorld reported that "In the [ISA market] Compaq is already IBM's equal in being seen as a safe bet", quoting a sell-side analyst describing the company as "now the safe choice in personal computers".

The printer line was a failure, however, and was abandoned in The proliferation of low-cost microprocessors had relegated the proprietary mini to the dustbin of history.

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In an effort to generate more service revenues, Compaq embarked on a bold acquisition plan in the lates.

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Consensus, Continuity, and Common Sense: An Interview with Compaq’s Rod Canion