A report on the roman monument the pantheon

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The Roman Pantheon was probably constructed by using an elaborate setup of wooden scaffolding, which in itself would have been costly. The Romans were aware of the heavy nature of their building materials. The dimensions of the interior height and the diameter of the dome are the same Roman feet. Currently, the Pantheon sits somewhat sunken into the floor because the street level has risen around the building. In CE a bell tower was added to the porch roof and later removed. The statues of Augustus and Agrippa stood in the apse at the end of the colonnaded side aisles of the entrance. The sixteen monolithic columns are made of red and gray granite and the shafts stand 40 Roman feet tall. The pantheon is the only structure of its age and size to have survived the passing of time. Each of the other alcoves has two marble columns in Phrygian purple semi-circular or Numidian yellow rectangular. Ziolkowski argues that Lanciani's initial assessment is still supported by all of the finds to date, including theirs; furthermore he expresses skepticism because the building they describe, "a single building composed of a huge pronaos and a circular cella of the same diameter, linked by a relatively narrow and very short passage much thinner than the current intermediate block , has no known parallels in classical architecture and would go against everything we know of Roman design principles in general and of Augustan architecture in particular. The walls and floor of the rotunda are decorated with marble and gilt and the domed ceiling contains five rings of 28 rectangular coffers.

The oculus, or opening at the top of the dome, measures 8. The practice of deification helped legitimise the rule of both the deceased emperor and his successor, indicating that imperial rule was divinely ordained.

On the exterior there are sixteen columns weighing 60 tons each.

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This description was widely accepted until the late 20th century. Something to think about as you work through this section is how and why emperors restored or rebuilt the monuments of their predecessors, or dedicated new monuments to them, particularly temples.

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You will be redirected to Booking. It was built in a quick time period for such a large project, 10 years by jewish slaves.

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The presence of these girders suggests that the porch roof originally had heavy marble tiles. Originally, the Pantheon would have sat high above street level, with five steep stairs used to reach it.

William MacDonald, a Pantheon expert, believes that the windows also allow the building to breathe by circulating air to prevent moisture collection that could cause cracks in the cast cement. All of these monuments are in either the Forum area or the Campus Martius, and most of them are temples.

A report on the roman monument the pantheon

The porch and the intermediate block assume a Greek style, with an entablature resting on sixteen columns. Thomas Jefferson modeled both Monticello —his home near Charlottesville, Virginia—as well as the Rotunda building at the University of Virginia , after the Pantheon. Currently, the Pantheon sits somewhat sunken into the floor because the street level has risen around the building. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Upon entering the rotunda, the first chapel to the right is a fresco of The Annunciation, attributed to Melozzo da Forli or Antoniazzo Romano, and two 17th century angel statues flank the fresco. The detail of this building is extraordinary. Certainly the word pantheus or pantheos, could be applicable to individual deities Mary and the Martyrs. As the earth turns the light flows in to circle the interior making the viewer aware of the magnificence of the cosmos. Most of the bronze was used to make bombards for the fortification of Castel Sant'Angelo , with the remaining amount used by the Apostolic Camera for various other works.

At the very top of the dome is an opening to the sky oculus which is 8.

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