A review of barry levinsons movie good morning

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Though Mr. Levinson knows how to present the star without exploiting him to a point of diminishing returns. Noble Willingham Pvt.

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Everything in his world is reduced to material for his program. At frequent intervals, he conducts interviews with characters inhabiting the dark side of his brain, including an Army fashion designer who's distraught about the material used for camouflage uniforms.

But Levinson did not write this script and the characters rarely develop an inch beyond our first view of them.

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One of the many things I will give this film credit for is that the film does a decent job switching between comedy and drama even though at first it seems a little awkward. Walsh, as a sergeant major who's offended by Cronauer's loose ways with regulations.

A review of barry levinsons movie good morning

Mitch Markowitz's screenplay, based loosely on the experiences of a real-life Vietnam disk jockey, skids over a melodramatic subplot that would be fatal to any other movie. Adrian Cronauer Robin Williams , an Armed Forces Radio disk jockey previously stationed in Crete, lands in Saigon to breathe a little life into the local programming. Reality has gained a precarious beachhead. Luckily, a guy like him, Robin Williams, doesn't take things for granted. I really liked "Man of the Year" even though I was expecting to see a comedy instead of a serious film. Hauk Bruno Kirby and sadistic Sgt. Robert Wuhl Sgt. His humor becomes a humanitarian tool, not simply a way to keep him talking and us listening. Forest Whitaker Tuan A funny yet serious political thriller ensues Man anyone walking into this film expecting to see a brainless comedy will surely be disappointed. On his show he talks about all sorts of things but his main focus are political issues which he is very opinionated about.
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A Review Of Barry Levinsons Directed Movie Good Morning Vietnam