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She always complained that the air in our apartment was bad for kids, with the smell of cockroach exterminator and the radiators going full blast even on a warm Indian summer afternoon.

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All Souls is suitable reading for both the English and social studies classroom. Many students remarked that it was the first book they read "entirely on their own," and students often read far ahead of the assigned pages.

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The lessons in All Souls can deeply enrich any classroom. Many will, of course, be replaced by other Irish-American voters, especially as the city becomes an ever more-inviting place for young professionals. And life in Old Colony—a project the MacDonald clan saw as vastly preferable to Columbia Point because it was all-white and predominantly Irish—was as hellish as any other dirt-poor project in the country. When I talked to him later that day, he told me that he had been up all night reading a book called All Souls: A Family Story from Southie. She just wore big coats and held her big leather pocketbook in front of her stomach whenever she went to their house, among those lace curtain Irish neighbors in West Roxbury. I knew it was a book that my urban school students would relate to on many levels. The language is often rough as the author strives to be as truthful as possible about the South Boston life he and his family members experienced.

As your students read this book they also will recognize and discuss the fact that individuals, ethnic groups, and whole neighborhoods cannot be stereotyped. Michael MacDonald's brutal honesty and conflicted emotions will provide an incredible classroom experience through this poignant story of one family's tragedies and one young man's resilience.

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Anthony Lukas in Common Ground. The book had so profoundly affected Bill that he actually needed a day to process what he had read. Ma just laughed at her. But the myth endured throughout the entire neighborhood—despite the rising body count, despite the wave of murders that rarely found their way into the newspapers, despite the tidal wave of cocaine and other drugs that washed over the place. These teens were shaken by their reading of All Souls, and they could not believe that they would be meeting the narrator of the story in person. The women on the stoop followed me with their eyes. As an English teacher, I knew I needed to immediately read any book that had had such a strong impact on my respected colleague, so I rushed out to get it. MacDonald is ferocious in his denunciation of Whitey Bulger, at whose doorstep he lays full blame for the rising tide of drugs that all but destroyed his neighborhood. In many cases role-playing or individual-student presentations of information will move the story along. In the late s, the proportion of Irish-Americans among those who cast a ballot in a typical Boston city election ranged from 42 percent to 45 percent. That kind of stuff made me frantic and nearly got me into a few fistfights, but everyone usually backed down from me, since the kids in the neighborhood were still afraid of my big brothers. Further, Beacon Press offers a teacher's guide to All Souls , which has pre-reading assignments, discussion questions, and critical thinking activities.

His memoir is a tale of triumph over adversity and strength and courage in bleakest of times. Despite the tough-guy dialogue and the authentic-looking scally caps on display in Good Will Hunting and Southie, those films are still just the movies—still just pap from the Hollywood myth machine.

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Certainly, the varied myths of South Boston—most especially, the Myth of Whitey—have been unravelling for years now, and the damage has been fearsome.

The women on the stoop followed me with their eyes.

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We had it made now.

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