An exploration of the root causes of juvenile violence in united states

To remedy this, it is proposed that power be measured not by parent's class or by patriarchy in the household as Hagan et al do but constructed as a sense of entitlement which is psychologically necessary to engage in unconventional or deviant behavior. Multi-Systemic Therapy ; 5 court supervised e.

risk and protective factors for juvenile delinquency

Stowell, University at Albany. However, little evidence exists regarding the applicability of multilevel opportunity models to school-based adolescent victimization.

review of the roots of youth violence

The present paper tests this hypothesis with data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth merged mother child data set. This paper will examine different 'types' of arsonists identified in the literature gang-related arsons, serial arsonists, mentally disordered arsonists, arson for profit and arson used for the purpose of crime concealmentand how they effect the distribution of arson in the core area.

An exploration of the root causes of juvenile violence in united states

A Geographic Analysis of Illegal Drug Markets George Rengert, Temple University Kristin Henderson, Temple University Sanjoy Chakravorty, Temple University Past research has established two important geographic principles concerning the marketing of illegal drugs-that illegal drug markets tend to be spatially concentrated, and that the location and marketing characteristics of the market place will vary depending on whether customers are local or regional.

S Libby Ehrhardt Mustaine, University of Central Florida Utilizing data from a national survey, this study seeks to examine the relationship between college students and firearms from a routine activity theory perspective. The data include paintings, etchings, journals, military reports, historical accounts and scholarly works.

Those who reported binge drinking, negative consequences from drinking and friends who drink at time 1 were also more likely to report violent behavior at time 2. No support is found for the social dynamite thesis.

Social factors leading to juvenile delinquency

This paper applies both the traditional method and the trajectory method to the data from the Rochester Youth Development Study. Akers, University of Florida Sunghyun Hwang, University of Florida This paper reports the findings from a study that tested three theoretical models of adolescent substance use in a sample of high school students in South Korea. That is, one in four Americans have the potential of being labeled as juvenile delinquents because they are considered juveniles. The campaign argues that the US government spends more money on incarcerated people than on each child in the public school system. The most famous of those were the mining towns, logging camps, and cattle towns of the West. A secondary focus will be dedicated to the psychological impact on the victims. The former has a tendency to move the definition to potentially absurd leels, while the latter risks an overly narrow and myopic definition of the phenomenon. But all that with dignity and personal integrity respects as principals. The prisoner remained absent. In an attempt to replicate the findings of earlier studies, most of which have been condeucted overseas, I conducted a study at the Jersey Shore in which I examined alcohol-related aggression in a small sample of barrooms. Building on earlier work which surveyed the literature Altschuler and Armstrong, , this study considers subsequent advances in the research literature specific to the design, implementation, and evaluation of aftercare programming for juvenile offenders. People could advertise themselves to people all around the country and even to people driving in their cars. Our goal is to present the ways in which women experience, cope with and protect themselves from battering and drug use during pregnancy. Allen, University of Maryland at College Park Throughout history, the military has served as one of the largest employers and educators of young men, and recently, of young women.
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Youth violence in South Africa: the case for a restorative justice response