Ancient china social structure and daily life

daily life in ancient china

They were looked down upon and were in the lowest class. Inside the cities lived ruler, priests, and warriors.

Ancient china civilization

These were usually operated out of or adjoining a monastery. If that was done eventually the girl's feet became deformed so they had difficulty walking. Marriage partners were decided by the parents and the preferences of the children getting married often had little impact on the parent's choice. Tea gardens became popular among the wealthy, and the Tea Ceremony developed, which is an elaborate ritual of respect in which people take tea together. They worked without pay on the noble's house, roads, and bridges. Houses in Ancient China Rich people lived in large wooden houses arranged around a courtyard. They also ate plenty of meat including pork, chicken, duck, goose and dog. This was considered okay in their society. They believed illness was caused by evil spirits or ghosts. When she lit it on Lantern Festival, its light was visible for miles. The cities of China were surrounded with formidable walls made from packed dirt.

The reason that their work was so difficult was mostly due to the fact that most of it were done by hand. Rich people owned vast estates but they usually rented them out as parcels of land. This was considered okay in their society.

Peasants lived in huts while merchants and other middle-class people lived in houses made of wood, which were built around a rectangular courtyard where a garden would be planted.

Ancient china social structure and daily life

The male had much more power within the home than his wife or the children. He was also known as the Yellow Emperor and was thought to have given the people culture and language. Craftspeople This is the next social class from the nobles and consisted of a fairly small group, however included very important people. Palace ladies applied scents so lavishly that when they went out on an excursion, the redolence of their cortege permeated the air for miles" Traders The traders in ancient Chinese society were below the nobles, like the craftspeople, but also above the farmers and slaves. Fish was the most popular dish served with rice and vegetables. The Lantern Festival was held on the 15th day of the first lunar month to conclude the New Year's celebration. The garden was usually a border around a patio which had trees and bushes in it. They were looked down upon and were in the lowest class. There were sleeping quarters inside the home, a kitchen, and a hall sometimes very large which was a dining room and entertainment area.

For bad breath, the Chinese sucked on cloves, and it was mandated that anyone appearing in the emperor's presence had to do so before speaking to him. This was the standard arrangement throughout China where courtesans were strictly under the control of the government.

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However, after BC cavalry began to replace chariots. About BC the crossbow was invented in China. They worked small family farms. Soup was made with shark's fin, bird's nest, bears paws and sea slugs. If the king or emperor were evil heaven would send natural disasters as a warning. In the North, poor people would usually dumplings, pancakes, and noodles made from wheat. As Chinese society became more established, there became opportunities for individuals to improve their social status. However 'lily feet' were considered men. Girls had to walk around stepping on their own toes and were in constant pain for years until they grew used to it. Their favorite drinks included tea and wine derived from rice.

Veneration of the earth spirits was probably the oldest form of religion but ancestor worship began shortly after or maybe even before it.

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Ancient Chinese Daily Life