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Every year millions of tons of agricultural waste are generated. Full heat value is utilized. Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced. This department supplies spare parts and integrates technological consulting as well as technical maintenance. A white—coal Project popular for its profitable consumer benefits. High sulfur content of oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment. Due to efficient utilization of agro-waste, agriculturists will receive some income from their agro-waste, will make their farming more remunerative and attractive and thereby their standard of living will be improved. Extreme structure with Customary design, Delivers Cost effective finished products by processing with lowest production cost per MT. Quality Control. Smokeless burning and sustained combustion and the temperature requirement are achieved due to very efficient combustion. The marketing dept. Handling and transportation of these materials is difficult due to their low bulk density.

A typical usage of briquettes made out of paper mill sludge mixed with iron sludge power is made in big furnaces to keep the temperature alive for easy start up. Pollution free because of no sulfur or any hazardous material- No black smoke!! A white—coal Project popular for its profitable consumer benefits.

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Senior Planer The main objective of the White coal Plant Project after sales team is to provide after-sales services adapted to each customer's specific needs. Marketing Manager Since the vital purpose of the white coal Machine making company is that of sales,its is rightly recognized as one of the major dept.

We need not spend more energy and money to grow more trees if we could avoid using them. Easy to handle and kgs of briquettes per cubic meter can be stored and transported against 50 kgs of agro-waste.

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Bio coal Project is empowering with economical, sustainable growth in the Global Renewable Sector. No pollution to the environment and no toxic gas and sulphur emission and even no odour. These wastes can provide a renewable source of energy by converting into high-density fuel briquettes without addition of any binder.

White coal are non conventional source of energy, which contribute in reducing the global warming effect.

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Days Business Ideas: Start a Bio Coal Making Unit