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Ultima is described in detail by Anaya. As the Hispano community's beliefs and ways of doing things interacted with those of the Native Americans a cultural pattern where indigenous myth maintained importance alongside Catholic doctrine evolved. Narciso — Although known as the town drunk, Narciso cuts a large, strong figure of a man. Antonio has a deep fear of the brothel because it represents sin. It is a rich novel that weaves social change, religion, psychological and cognitive maturation, cultural conflict, ethnic identity formation, and many other themes together into a coherent and believable story about a young boy. As more and more is revealed to Tony, a transcendent reality is disclosed which is both temporal, insofar as it envisages eschatological salvation; and spatial, insofar as it involves another, supernatural world. S relations ever since. Both hold conflicting views about Tony's destiny and battle over his future path.

July 26 — Japan is given the Potsdam ultimatum of "unconditional surrender" by the Allies. So there you have the reasons Anaya's novel generates so much hate.

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Antonio and his classmates perform the Christmas play at school. He is a stern priest with hypocritical and unfair policies.

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Horse loves to wrestle, but everyone fears Bones more because he is reckless and perhaps even crazy. By the end of the novel Tenorio has figured out the connection between Ultima and her owl. Tenorio kills him as he is on his way to warn Ultima that Tenorio is after her.

As a small child Anaya moved with his family from Las Pasturas, his relatively isolated birthplace on the llano to Santa Rosa a "city" by New Mexico standards of the time. It is here that Antonio starts questioning his faith.

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