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It was difficult for Florante to say his goodbyes to his classmates and his mentor, Antenor. Posts navigation. He remembered Laura and hastily went to rescue the woman.

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This took place in Aetoliawhere he later received a letter from his father summoning him back to Albania. That's the I gave this a four star not because of the plot but because of how it was originally written in the Tagalog language definitely not the translated version Positives first: a this was written by the National Poet of the Philippines - Francisco Balagtas b it was written as "awit" or song with poetic form that has very strict rules, i.

The tyranny of Spaniards has caused Balagtas ,the author Florante at Laura, to fight back against them but through pen and this is how Florante at Laura has made.

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In another part of the forest comes Aladin, a Muslim soldier. Sure, it's not one of the most original stories out there, but what is? The day before he set of to war, Florante saw Laura and he professed his love. One was when he was almost caught by a vulture but was rescued by his cousin Menalipo.

Aladin agreed but could not accept the idea of Flerida in the arms of another man.

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Book report in florante at laura