Bradstreet and wheatley

This is seen particularly in the writings of Thomas Harriot and Cotton Mather. A motif that has carried throughout history is this usage of poetry and creative expression to sort out problems. We, also, analyze the distinct difference in tone between the two sets of preface materials, which contributes to understanding the purpose of the materials and audience expectations.

I do teach the course thematically rather than chronologically, which makes it easy to jump a century between class periods.

compare and contrast bradstreet and wheatley as puritan poets

This iterates the stereotypical role of women, placing women back in the role of homemaker. References Bradford, William.

anne bradstreet

This message distinctly differs from male American writers of her time. One of her greatest influences was Reverend George Whitefield, a minister preaching savior for all races and genders. It can be difficult to teach to students, but there is something very empowering for students when they finally get it.

what explains the absence of personal voice in wheatley
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The Poetry of Phillis Wheatley & Anne Bradstreet