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Should children under 12 be seen and not heard

I may not fully agree with the ideal but I do believe that firstly we survive and then we debate the means. The confidence of children to be involved does not occur instantly or overnight, but takes time- gradually acquired through practice. This is an example the affirmative should use, these are the kids that need to be told to shut up. Screaming yelling and other such behavior is frowned on when a fellow adult does it and if you raise your children to ignore these behaviors they will become loud poorly spoken grown ups. I watch as they scream at their mother, my aunt because they wont get what they want and I even see them hit each other and tease each other for no apparent reason, aslthough it might just be because the younger of the sisters is, well lets just say she takes after her mother. In some cases the liberal essay's sound that are leaning away from the idea of legalizing gay marriage, the same blending of ideas is happening on the conservative side On the flip side, the conservatives would want to keep marriages between a man and a woman only.

I'm in a poof because of all you people out there you are disrespectful to us!!!!!!!!!! I am also a child, and I know this.

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Some children who disobey learn quickly rigth from wrong, learning from mistakes and becoming a well behaved citizen; some children do not. Seriously you guys. Every child has rights, no matter what their age, where they live or what they believe. Silverman writes that the practice of FGM challenges ideas of inter alia cultural relativism and universalism. Children should be seen and not heard No because The expression 'children should be seen and not heard' is an old English proverb, dating from the 15th century. I don't have kids, partly by choice, so why should I have to listen to other peoples making a racket when I go out!?? It's mainly bad parenting that causes kids to run riot and annoy everyone! I looked at the debate on the topic that children should not eat as much salt and sugar, and all the people who posted a comment were saying how kids are so obese these days. This is the real meaning. Kepp in mind here i am in high school and doing two university subjects, one in psychology and one in child psychology. However, children should be told not to have public tantrums since that makes people unhappy, including the children themselves. Unlike many idioms in English, the meaning of this proverb is literal.

I have really not talked about the main topic so i apologise, but i was trying to give some insight into what modern child psychologists and myself have found through study and observation, but though i speak for the negative, thats only because there is not a grey area, kids who are told not to tlak in public are not menatlly healthy they can opften become, secluded and unsocial, but children that are given free run are well rude generally, this is based purely on sources that i have gathered for assignments, but children should be told to stick close to the parents but be allowed to speak within a reasonable margin of noise, but more to the point parents need to teach their kids this, if they can do that this out dated topic becomes redundant.

The word sawe is an old English word meaning proverb.

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Children learn from their parents, my aunt yells and stomps around and glares when she doent get what she wants or when someone wont do what she wants, and her two daughters the younger one in paticullar copy this behavior to the point where i have had one of them come up and kick me because, i was looking after them when they wanted something.

No because How this proverb evolved to include all children is unclear.

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Silverman writes that the practice of FGM challenges ideas of inter alia cultural relativism and universalism. Children in public have the potential to make your life that little bit harder All children, when not properly trained, can be a real thorn in your side.

On public transport it's inconsiderate to talk on your mobile and make everyone listen to your conversation with your friend, children need to learn to be quiet and respectful like everyone else.

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'Children should be seen and not heard'