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She spent her own money and donated her time to this simple beautification project, for the simple reason that she wanted to make this forlorn corner of the town a little brighter. The magnitude of needs within a small group is quenched within a family or extending to a nearby neighbor. Some institutions even mandate it as a graduation necessity. I imagine you felt very pleased with yourself and happy inside. After several years of soul searching, I discovered that my unhappiness was due to my want for things to fill the void of loneliness. Helping others also brings joy to you and the others around you, and makes you want to help more people when you see the impact it can have. It is a 12 hour event. I tell them it's because I like to help people. The sense of pride brings about excitement and joy out of the passion for community service. Roy has committed his life to serve the poor and to help rural communities become self-sufficient. If you want love, you need to give love. I encourage you to look for opportunities where you can give and help others. The rewards of giving are priceless.

Please provide a brief overview of your organization words. From there on Krishnan started his noble initiative to feed thousands of destitute and homeless people in his state—free of cost.

You WANT to give, just because it makes you feel good.

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Service learning is a wonderful opportunity to learn various new things that can be used throughout life. The act of giving kindles self-esteem and brings happiness. What would you enjoy doing that could make your corner of the world a little brighter? The power of giving and the joy of helping others Giving is one of the best investments you can make towards achieving genuine happiness. I grow as a person each time I do community service Giving provides an opportunity to look beyond our own world and see the bigger picture. Download ppt "Community Service The Joy of giving back. She found fulfillment in giving of herself to others. When you see the gratitude that those you were helping express, then that is when you can see how others have benefitted from your help. When we give, we reap the joy of seeing a bright smile, laughter, tears of joy and gratitude for life.

Scientists have discovered that happiness is related to how much gratitude you show. There are many organizations, institutions and people who are engaged in exemplary works of giving. The act of giving kindles self-esteem and brings happiness.

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A great perspective can be achieved by stepping out of our own world and venturing into the world of other people. It may not be fun and you may think of several other things that you could do to improve your life.

My mission is to help others find their own direction and purpose in life, by means of mentoring, teaching, and empowering. Community services are self-sacrificial and do not pay.

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Community Service Volunteering Gives Lots Of Joy And Happiness