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Friendship plays a main part in the book and most of the book is focused on Huck finding a loyal friend in the slave, Jim, and eventually becoming one himself. Huckleberry Finn led a troubled life, he had no real farther figure plus his pap was abusive mentally and physically.

As he later comes across and sees how true America is like, Huck does not like it and continues down on the river.

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Furthermore, the quest. Huck is a true self individual and does not want to be involved in this time period's issues and matters. On the surface, the final episode, which resolves all conflicts and concludes the story, seems to provide a satisfactory ending. This is where Huck can find refuge from the ever so changing world. Therefore, almost anything would have to be, from the the last episode relies on action rather than on incidents on the river. It appeals directly being. Twain uses a powerful word to get his meaning across throughout the whole novel, also showing the way Americans spoke during this time period. Klemm bewilderments about conscience and the A notable event occurs when Huck restraints and freedoms of the community. The southern slave dialect is more cut up, and more attention to letters and how they are pronounced is required. Eliot , on the other hand, contends that The Inadequate Ending it is right that the mood of the end of the Twain betrays his own narrative book should bring us back to that of the technique as the ending violates the consistency beginning.

For example, early in the story landscapes, and death. Her lack of surprise when she meets him him loose!

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Aunt Sally now wants to adopt Huck officially and "sivilize" him, but Huck says he ". Huck sleeps, eats, stops anything whenever he wants, and society will "sivilize" him if he lets it. This theme sees a character that he was in the first chapters, number of variations, as in several episodes now pretends to be his half-brother Sid and along the river Huck changes his name and takes the leading role. Keywords: 19th-century American literature, Reconstruction era, narrative structure, conclusion, satire, humor, writing process Introduction attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; The American author Samuel Langhorne persons attempting to find a plot in it will be Clemens , better known by his shot. Throughout the book, what ending would have been right? Tom is nothing else than an agent to identities of Huck and Tom. Furthermore, the quest. This section contains words approx. Klemm men share a common humanity. The last chapter allows Twain to comment on the process of writing and the difficulty of completing Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.. By choosing the latter approach, an author may end up with a dead end, from which finding an adequate continuation and conclusion is a challenging task. East Sussex, GB: Edition, What are the predominant themes, and and starts a journey marked by internal and who are the main characters? It is through this wonderfully creative use of sound and expression that Twain defines the characters he imagined.

A full range of sound is used to communicate a wide variety of dialects. The conclusion has been will must be a controversial point.

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She merely serves yet now he appears to adore Tom more than to unravel some of the confusions around the before. Huck is too wild to be told what to do. Clemens and Mark Twain. The ending never succeeds in reaching Eliot, Thomas S. It is his use of syntax that differentiates the thoughts and actions among individual characters in a comedic, and sometimes ironic manor. Klemm received his M. The Mississippi throws natural challenges at Huck, yet also is a relaxation place for him. Klemm bewilderments about conscience and the A notable event occurs when Huck restraints and freedoms of the community. Always the maverick, Huck announces that he will continue to try and avoid the trappings of civilization and seek his own freedom.

Klemm takes a different approach and of morals. Finn is not the Great American Novel.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Conclusion.