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Continuous contact with existing and potential wholesale customers is necessary to expand this side of the business. For four years, Cowgirl Chocolates has had difficulty identifying how to best reach the end-users of its products.

The company requires a minimum order size of 72 cases jarsbut may be willing to produce and sell in half batches initially. All of these truffles are hot and spicy, with espresso being the hottest. Employees will need to be hired to manage and ship orders. Include a segment of Cultural History of Chocolates and Spices Conduct a contest for the best spicy chocolate recipes.

Founded in by Amancio Ortega Zara….

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Evaluate and Make Changes to the Product Line Evaluating the existing product line and identifying products that could be discontinued or added may help the company achieve greater profitability. An interesting trend that characterizes the chocolate market is represented by ethical chocolate. Given these price and packaging alternatives I believe Cowgirl Chocolates are specialty products because they are more expensive and thus for the most part exclusively distributed in either specialty stores or gift stores. Cowgirl Chocolates also has options to evaluate that are centered on its product line. Problem Definition The company has been in business for four years and has not achieved profitability nor has it achieved a significant growth in sales. Another option Marilyn is considering is writing a cookbook to promote Cowgirl Chocolates products. Ultimately, I would recommend re-defining the company and developing a mission statement that does not include funding another organization.

Recommendations Positioning Cowgirl Chocolates as a premier, high-quality chocolate company is an appropriate strategy. Competitors Although very few direct competitors exist for Cowgirl Chocolates, there are many indirect competitors other companies that manufacture chocolate and sweets. Cowgirl Chocolates should maintain its positioning strategy as a chocolate company and hot and spicy food company, but it should become better aware of who it customer truly is to capitalize on its uniqueness in both industries.

However, even without the burden of High Ground, viability will be difficult. Additionally, this business was started with the purpose of funding the development of High Ground, the arts magazine created by Marilyn and Ross.

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Development of a cookbook as a marketing strategy for Cowgirl Chocolates is a huge time and cost commitment with uncertain results.

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