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In this "American Masterpiece", three innocent people die because of the carelessness of Daisy. Fitzgerald, chiefly in 3rd person, supplies evidence of Gatsby's character flaws that the gullible first-person Nick ignores, a technique that forces discerning readers to take a step back and ponder why Nick isn't more skeptical. However, this role is contradicted by the fact that she abandoned the man who essentially died for her in his peak of vulnerability. The two big shockers for second-time readers is that we only have Gatsby's word that Daisy was driving and we also have no true evidence that the parties at Gatsby's were intended to impress Daisy. Gatsby lies for a living to sell worthless bonds. Daisy is responsible for her ain actions. And as narrator he draws legions of trusting readers along the same thought pattern. She was able to keep her finance and comfortable family life by maintaining her silence even though it cost two men their lives. This is another reason why we doubt the onlookers as they are attesting to something they could not have witnessed. The girl is captured by her own fantasies about the ideal man and relationships, so her feelings for Gatsby are instantly destroyed when confronted with reality and rudeness. Breaking the promise and toying with his affections was nothing compared to hiding the truth from every one. She is responsible for betraying Gatsby's dream, running over Myrtle with her car and indirectly causing George's suicide. Nick compares her to various metals, implying that she is malleable and ultimately disposable; this conveys her victimisation. Some people say that Daisy is a victim of both Tom Buchanan and James Gatsby, but this interpretation of her fails to take into account everything we learn of her personality and the way she attempts to manipulate those around her to assure her own security and comfort in life.

There is no need to talk about hard work, only parties until the morning and laughter. Refusing to cough up the information when Wilson came after it with a gun would have had dire consequences.

Daisy is not the victim but rather the villain.

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Gatsby takes the blame on himself, saving his beloved from judgment and rumor. She is commonly referred to as an accessory, with a meagre purpose to appease men.

However, there is controversy as to who the victim and villain are, as numerous characters adhere to the conventions of both these roles.

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Tom is a villain because he protected his family from a man with a gun? Movie marketing.

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Daisy Buchanan: Victim or Villain? Essay