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From this criticism of short termism, we may say that it also contributed to the low success rates of change programs and are often attributed to resistance to change on the part of employees Ford et al.

This type of research method involves describing in details specific situations using research tools like interviews, surveys, and Observation. Tushman, M. Human Resource Management, 31 4 : This study will investigate the reasons why employees violate business ethics policies and how that could be changed.

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Organizations are exposed to the following factors 1 Performance gap 2 Employee needs and values 3 Change in top management 4 Change in product life cycle of a commodity 2.

Thus, the way in which people interpret the change is therefore reflected in their behaviour as well as in the language they speak Barrett et al. San Francisco: Pfeiffer. The primary research will be carried out on Tesco, Spar, Londis and Starbucks.

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According to Ryan , organizations and work will change. According to Kurt Louis, ; Kotter John and Cohen Dan, ; Kanter Rosabeth Moss, ; Kanter Rosabeth Moss, and Queensland Government, ; change can originate from either internal or external sources through technological advancement, social trend, political and or economic pressures; it can also come from within the organisation as a management response to a range of issues such as modification of client needs, costs or a human resource or a performance issue. Planned Timetable The dissertation is scheduled to be completed by the end of April Similarly, organizations typically refer to those considerations such as structural change programme based on the assumption. A comparative review of management of changes in consumption patterns of natural resources between developed and emerging economies- implications for the future. Change Management, Organizational Culture and Leadership. The managers reviwed their careers and were encouraged to develop acting lines to adapt their behavior in the new cultural approach.

The interest in the study of change management and its implication is increasing. Investigating the adaptation process of businesses with the introduction of the Internet and Technology This study will investigate the changes that have happened in the business world since the inception of Internet and Technology.

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