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Graphical representation of internet usage and its impact on students' social life shows that the use of the internet is very high, will minimize student social activity.

Arak Medical University Journal. Janet, W. Students' information seeking culminates as they work on their theses.

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Developmental psychology, 42 3 Pew Research Center. Computers can solve these two problems by enabling teachers to customize instruction for each student McKeown, Students use internet more than other people do in order to meet their educational needs.

Comprehensive Psychiatry.

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Promoting the network infrastructures and increasing the internet speed as well as facilitating the use of electronic resources should be prioritized by the officials. This would help to confirm the Visconti report that outlined most of Southeast Asian internet users to be below 35 years of age. Razi Journal of Medical Sciences. Behavior seeking graduate students at the University of World Wide Web. Findings showed that using the search engines has been the prevalent method for identifying the web resources 23 , 25 , 30 , Jafari M, Dayani M. The psychometric properties of the Internet Addiction Test. Gender and the Internet: Causes of variation in access, level, and scope of use.

Keywords: Internet usage, perceived effects, academic performance, Southeast Asian students Introducion Asia is currently the largest internet-using continent on the planet.

The results of this study can prove that the students' social life is influenced by the internet. The findings of some studies showed that the most important electronic information resources are full text databases, electronic journals, and electronic books 621 Export citation and abstract Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.

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Computer-assisted language learning: From vision to reality? Although, based on the research findings, there is a low rate of using these tools despite the high efficiency of the Meta search engines and subject directories. Social Science Quarterly, 81, — 4. Wellman and Gulia suggest that online relationships may help to broaden and strengthen direct personal relationships. Teens and Tech: What the research says. The results indicated that the Perceived Level of Internet Addiction explained 0. Chapman, L. Chemers, Hu, and Garcia have suggested that perception on the self, as well as on the learning experience are both positively correlated with their academic achievement. Internet helps a wide range of the researchers and the students to satisfy their information needs with no physical presence in the libraries or other information centers 6. Meece, J.

The graph 13 showed that the 30 students showed satisfaction and 16 showed pleasure mood after using internet while 4 students bored after using the internet. National Studies on Librarianship and Information Organization.

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Effect of Internet on Student's Academic Performance and Social Life