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You could even change the offense.

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Too many people in your family and social orbit will know the person, making your writing legally actionable. Nobody really likes to admit their faults. Even though this is a memoir, there should still be a climax to keep readers intrigued. Gain life experience so that you feel like a personal expert. Each chapter should bring your readers back to your present-day life and how each memory affected where you are today. Have you considered writing a memoir? But certainly you can cultivate it. The more introspective and vulnerable you are, the more effective will be your memoir. It describes a segment of your past: The teen years or two years in your mid-twenties when you traveled around the world, etc. Most of these come easy to memoir writers because this happens in real life all the time. When it comes to creating intrigue with your writing — and trust me, you want to do this, especially for a memoir — you have to write by showing, not telling. Everybody has an interesting life if you look deep enough. Now he had to truly face his demons. I felt my throat tightening.

These Self-Publishing School students and graduates! Change the year. Add your personal lingo we all have phrases we use regularly Italicize words you emphasize when speaking If you have the urge to write something you think is funny or witty, do it!

Even something as seemingly innocuous as your saying that you hoped high school would deliver you from the torment of junior high makes the reader want to find out if that proved true. You actually did things, experienced movement in your life. Worry less about chronology than theme.

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Knowing or understanding or relating to nothing else about her, I understand love of family. Plot out your story before you start writing After a while you may abandon the outline but, more than fiction, I think this is helpful for memoir.

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Please leave your thoughts below and join the conversation. Getting those fresh, objective, non-emotionally attached eyes on your MS can really help. Each chapter should bring your readers back to your present-day life and how each memory affected where you are today. What you learn along the way becomes your character arc. And best of all? I was scared to death every time I heard him come in late at night. Before I could even think I swung my arm.
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9 Tips For Using Fiction Techniques When Writing Memoir