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Harpham is concerned not only with the history of the humanities, but its relation to the American dream and its role in creating thinking, feeling, and democratic citizens.

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How are each of the characters developed? That burden is allocated to those whom society charges with the conscience-testing task of sanctioned killing. Bigger goals included experience. I could only give them a story, and hope that as much as it might ignite their grief, it also might remain inside them, a presence that spoke to them as it had to me, making them a little less lonely, less afraid. A few students panicked. The next day Lee typed up the story and gave it to me. Who is the one bringing knowledge here? And to acknowledge what I did to hurt other people. Students today are the Facetiming generation while their teachers may recall the advent of the flip phone or smartphone.

Our cause is greater. In a democracy with a volunteer military, the weight falls on that small number of people who have chosen to bear it by enlisting. Students today are the Facetiming generation while their teachers may recall the advent of the flip phone or smartphone.

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But war stories were never far away. This included drafting a simulated newspaper article about the war, working with actual military equipment, and -- my favorite -- using walkie-talkies. What happens when we die? Not because stories tie up the grief and loss in a tidy moral, but because language refuses to limit itself to a single meaning. My brother to my left and right are okay. The hooch is surprisingly quiet. Email me with your questions, comments, to lend help or get help at amy. For a few, the novel itself was merely a catalyst that revived their own stories — they may have done little more than skim the text. Download the lesson plan here. My solution came in the debrief following the game. Gamifying lessons also helps teachers pull the strings of community, collaboration, and Ed-tech in novel and engaging ways. Harpham extols the virtues of the literature and language, but he is more specific than Garber about the effects of these virtues: Other disciplines offer knowledge about things; the humanities offer knowledge about human beings, and thus imply a promise of more than information, an awakened understanding of oneself as a member of the human species, a heightened alertness to the possibilities of being human. I suddenly felt afraid to proceed into the fog, the moral ambiguity of the mountains, to jump straight into the minds of these men driven to the brink of sanity by memory and conscience, by facing their inner demons in the dark. As a community college English instructor, the use and abuse of literature is less an erudite debate to me than an urgent everyday reality.

The next day Lee typed up the story and gave it to me. Some got caught up transcribing the wrong words, some failed to communicate with other groups and missed out on half of the images, some even just spent too long yelling over one another rather than working together, but those who did always won.

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Bigger goals included experience. The sorrow and terror of these men was nothing I could assuage. Why should I presume that writing would help contain such nightmares? Eradicate poverty? Who is the one bringing knowledge here?

The Iraqis have their troubles too and the Afghans have theirs.

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