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That would make two PGPX sections.

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So the essay should reflect the person. Does someone who has not worked in many countries at a disadvantage while applying to PGPX? A lot of US b-schools have a mantra that you should have a lot of international students in your campus. Then why PGPX was asked. We are also doing some low-key advertising in some focused media outlets abroad. No more questions on extempore after this. Hopefully this year we would get more people like him. Whatever I answered it seemed they were not really interested in it it was anyway a standard mugged up answer. Right now we have one section of 73 students which we selected out of applications, making it a kind of ratio, which is as good as that in any top school around the world. Actually last year, the overlap was not much and I am as curious as you to know why. There was a notepad and pencil and they gave 3 minutes to prepare and jot down my points. In fact in the first batch we rejected a candidate with in GMAT.

Like I said our admissions consider a combination of many criteria. Managed to speak for around minutes, after which I was asked a few more questions on the same topic.

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Later most of the questions were my work profile related. The final batch size was 60 students. No, our only criterion is the quality of the applicant. We have many different dimensions to the quality of an applicant, including previous academic performance during the Bachelor, Master or PhD level, amount of managerial industry experience, how much of it is in India and abroad, the GMAT score and the hour long interview that every person who meets the cut has to go through. Of course if such a company wants to sponsor a candidate, he would have to go through the same entry process. Are you over the years planning to set a niche for yourself in a certain industry or sector? It is a fact that if we do not recruit enough faculty then we might not be able to expand as much as we could or want to. Hope it will be useful for some of you in round 2. Consider somebody who has submitted a canned essay against someone who has taken the time to think through himself about what he actually wants to do. In the second year batch of , we got applications of which were called for interview and the final batch size was 73 students. So the net addition has been However, we do offer sufficient number of electives for people to gain a fair amount of depth into areas, be it finance, consulting, production or others.

This year, my hope is that we will get somewhere between 1, and 1, applications and hence admit between and students. That is where I am hoping to be, assuming that I get the same quality of applications as I have in the previous years. These are some of the parameters we use to evaluate the applicant.

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We are very conscious that we must increase the number of foreign passport holders in order to internationalize. What is the lowest GMAT score below which you refuse to look at an application?

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