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The stories show problems and difficulties people faces as they work on the conservation of wildlife. Different body parts of wild animals, parts of trees are used for remedies for some diseases.

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Essay on Wildlife Conservation in India Wildlife conservation Essay in Words Introduction to wildlife conservation essay: — Wildlife constitutes the animals, birds, insects etc. Wildlife also helps in the promotion of various economic activities that generate revenue from tourism. Species that are sole representative of their family or genus should receive special attention. In India, the government and NGOs are taking keen interest in the protection of wildlife. Wanton hunting and decrease of natural habitat eliminated them in western part of India and now they are restricted in Nepal, Assam, etc. Sanctuaries, national parks, biosphere reserves, projects, etc. For some pollutants, simple exposure is enough to do damage e. So, if one day, forests, animals, lakes, oceans and birds go missing from the earth, it will not only have an impact on the livelihoods of these people who are directly dependent on wildlife industry but, it will also have a cascading effect on every human being. That is why the conservation of wildlife is important to maintain the balance of our ecosystem. What is wildlife conservation: — Wildlife conservation refers to the act of protecting wildlife from being destroyed. In the early s, only a single population with individuals were left. Sometimes, there have been instances when the animals wandered into the cities or towns in search for food. According to an estimate, in India, about species of wild animals and birds have already become extinct and another 2, are on the verge of extinction. Wildlife plays a very significant role in the growth of agricultural crops and a large amount of population in this world is dependent on these crops.

Elephants have very poor sight, but smell and hearing are acute. As a result of that, the wildlife is vanishing from the earth.

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If there is no or low demand for the products, then eventually the hunting of animals will be contained to some extent. Every care must be taken to protect these natural heritages of India so that they do not become a part of history.

It is nocturnal in habit and climbs the trees.

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Many other fruitful and effective practices were done.

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