First day on earth pro and antagonist essay

Man versus God or Fate This type of conflict can be a bit more difficult to differentiate from man versus society or man, but it is usually dependent upon an outside force directing the path of a character. Antagonist In this novel, the antagonist is a boy named Hooper. The more you allow your protagonist to change and grow, the more excited readers will be to follow their story.

These short, but meaningful stories can empower readers to have a greater apprehension of real life situations. In order to be a protagonist, any certain character must be the principal person with whom the story is concerned C How to write a good protagonist 1. Whenever the creature or Amanda is revealed it or she often appears as an ambiguous shadowy figure only seen from afar.

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Again, no character should be perfect, and that obviously includes your antagonist.

famous protagonist and antagonist

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Image: 20th Century Fox How to write a good antagonist 1.

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Protagonist vs. Antagonist: Understanding a Story's Main Characters