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Recommendation As discuss and mentioned alternative strategies above, it can concluded that the best solution for Google to implement is market modification strategy must be adopted. Liberty University.

Can the company deal with intense competitors who shoot for big, successful targets? A new entrant would need to provide better search results at very fast speeds to compete in this highly competitive market.

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The con for this strategy is Google can lost the market share in other forms of advertising and being cut-out of the value chain by other companies. The Company sells its products worldwide through its online stores, retail stores, direct sales force, and third-party wholesalers Benjamin Edelman and Thomas R. Additionally, individuals and firms with online information like webpages and blogs are suppliers of Google. An error occurred during processing your request. Reviews Google's recent strategic initiatives and the threats they pose to Yahoo, Microsoft, and others. The con for this strategy would exist if Google did not strong innovate or not modification the products properly. It has a low operation cost regarding its products and services, but gained high revenue. Even Google Glass failed compare to Apple watch. Case Writeup Google Inc. In addition, patent infringement is another threat to lead higher cost and prevent ability of this company to produce services or products that make losing a lot of profits. Google revenue growth has generally declined overtime due to increasing competition, query growth rates, challenges in maintaining growth rate as their revenues increase to higher levels, the evolution of the online advertising market, investments in new business strategies, changes in its product mix, and shifts in the geographic mix of their revenues Google, Google has to focus on expanding offers to their users through products like Google Play, Google for Work, and Nexus devices to boost up its revenue in this segment. Does Google have any core competencies? Currently, Google stay on the top at global market how about the future?

It sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. It provides a permanent basis for predicting the future performance and an idea of how to gauge the success of a firm's actions.

As Google's great IT advantage is its ability to build high-performance systems that are cost efficient and that scale to massive workloads. Google is well positioned in demographics because it has a relatively young userbase.

Googles contextual advertising was perceived by marketers to be less effective in generating sales because visitors to web pages showing editorial content were less likely than searchers to be ready to buy.

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Google doesnt have highly personalized search by which it could charge users with switching cost if they decide to leave Googles services. The current competitors have thousands of servers deployed in locations all over the world and have accumulated many year worth of data about user habits.

This is the main reason Google is focused on improving internet access and speed and make its goal to shortening the distance between any activity and the internet.

It always has the impact of click fraud practice on the business that make the advertisers lost their confidence on Google operation and let to loss of profits.

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Google Inc Harvard Business Case Analysis