Has the second amendment undergone the incorporation process if not why not

The destabilizing potential of technology may provide the answer.

Why was the second amendment created

But I'm a bit rankled right now because of what that group is doing in my state of NH. Pikes and pikemen remained an important part of professional armies swell into the seventeenth century. The change had come. Pocock, has been largely ignored in the recent literature dealing with republicanism. Andrew Fletcher's warning, "he that is armed, is always master of the purse of him that is unarmed," blended nicely with the libertarian's deep suspicion of authority. They are prey to the army from the right and the guerrillas from the left, who have, like Trotsky, a much different agenda in mind once they seize power. So it was the Macedonian monarchy that brought the professional phalanx to its ultimate fulfillment. And he simply ignored the opening about the well-regulated militia thing because that is just so awkward, you know. Opponents of restrictive measures emphasize the free individual's rights and privileges and adamantly contend that the "right to bear arms" phrase constitutes the essence of the amendment. In general, the Amendments to the Constitution were pushed by those who shared the Country ideology and who thought broadly of creating an atmosphere that would promote the growth of a republican culture. That doesn't stop the NRA. Among these were: "To unarm his people of weapons, money, and all means whereby they may resist his power. Crazy, right?

No one has ever seen a civilization fall. The Property Interest. The Chamber of Commerce became more powerful and more Republican. The change had come.

what does the second amendment mean

Harrington's work provided an intellectual foundation for subsequent writers who linked the subject of arms to the basic themes of power and oppression which permeated libertarian thought.

Law review articles are NOT subject to peer review like science and history articles are.

2nd amendment

He was Lee Harvery Oswald.

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The Second Amendment by Michael Waldman