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Your continued leadership will be critical to winning this legislative session.

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Compressor stations — used along regular intervals of most pipelines — in particular, are semi-permanent facilities that pollute the air 24 hours a day and expose nearby residents to levels of noise pollution known to induce negative health effects. We stand ready to work with you and members of the legislature to achieve victory this legislative session. However, since the close of the last public comment period, the body of scientific studies has approximately doubled in size. The consequences of gas leaks include risk of explosion, drinking water contamination, and seepage of raw methane into the atmosphere where it acts as a powerful greenhouse gas Ingraffea, At the same time, increased rent costs bring shortages of affordable housing Multi-State Shale Research Collaborative, Community and social impacts of fracking can be widespread, expensive, and deadly. These recommendations echo those made earlier by the U. Your continued leadership will be critical to winning this legislative session. Concerned both by the rapidly expanding evidence of harm and by the uncertainties that remain, we urge you to adopt a concrete moratorium of at least three to five years while scientific and medical knowledge on the impacts of fracking continues to emerge.

The structural integrity of wells can fail. Many of us have previously submitted official comments that highlight various studies and data that raise a range of concerns about impacts to public health.

Public financing enables candidates to run competitive campaigns while relying on a base of small donors back home, rather than on a small number of wealthy contributors.

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The statewide awareness campaign you announced in your State of the State address this month is another great step to ensure New York gets an accurate count. Drilling creates microfractures in the surrounding rock that cement cannot fill and so opens pathways for the upward migration of liquids and gases.

Additionally, high pressure from repeated fracturing can deform cement, further raising the risk of leakage.

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Nevertheless, important studies continue to fill research gaps and build a clearer picture of the longer-term and cumulative impacts of fracking. Our experience during the Census shows that concentrated outreach efforts can make a big impact in Census results, especially in communities that are typically undercounted.

Like California, New York and its residents have a lot at stake.

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Industry secrecy contributes to unsettled science Even as evidence of harm continues to emerge, reviews of the science to date note that investigations necessary to understand long-term public health impacts do not exist.

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Open Letter to Governor Cuomo