How to write a review on google maps iphone download

This way there is no excuse why they cannot leave you a review. Inserving as a photojournalist in the US Air Force, he became editor of a weekly base newspaper there he learned the power of social interaction and its direct correlation to interesting and useful content You do need some kind of Google account.

But it is confusing for customers to leave a Google review on iPhone, because the reviews are not where you would expect them to be. After you give a star rating, you will be prompted to write more about your experience and share an image if you want.

If your business is online only, or based from a home office, consider getting a mailbox service so you can tie a physical address to your business.

Here's a Google forum post about it started in May.

how to remove google reviews from map

I have never set foot in that state until last week. But you need the reviews first. Does this appear to be the same problem?

how to write a review on google on iphone

How to leave a review using the Google Maps app 1. Google, you should be ashamed of yourself. Reload Google Maps and check the review again. No need for anyone to create an account just to leave a review! Yes, it still works!

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