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On the southern slope are some cisterns cut into the bedrock, possibly for water although there are excellent water supplies in the valley to the southeast.

Excavation in the Area B theater cavea will be concentrated on finding out more about the original use of the theater and a better understanding of the use of the Islamic building built within the cavea; concentrated investigation will continue on the Byzantine basalt street to understand more fully its use and its extent, and on the limestone plaza beneath the basalt street to see what its relation was to the theater and to the surrounding area.

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The southern, western and northern slopes are very steep, sometimes high and make the place fairly safe. Because of the wars the Assyrian empire had in the east, its trading routes were diverted to the city and the port witnessed relative prosperity. We can thus suggest that people living here have been agrarians. Furthermore, there were remains. Scientific studies performed on site revealed that it had undergone two earthquakes, with the latter one leaving the site completely destroyed. Excavation here in Area C 1 revealed a walled-up arch which had been plastered and at least in part had been frescoed a part of a frescoed leaf design was found in place. Syrian Palace on Raghadan Street is famous for its finely minced kebab. The Babylonians conquered it in BC. At its heart is the souq, a warren of covered stalls, handicraft stores and traditional cafes. Aqaba Church , considered to be the world's first purpose-built church. So, whether you would like to stay at international favourites like The Doubletree or Kempinski, or local digs like the beautiful and great-value Jardaneh Hotel, Aqaba has it covered. In real life, T. This water in ancient times was augmented by water from a spring, Ain Khureibah, farther south beyond the next hill through which the engineers brought this Khureibah water through an underground aqueduct SYRIA [LXX the Khureibah Aqueduct to an exit on the south slope of the Wadi Quailibah across from Ain Quai li bah ; here the engineers constructed a connecting underground aqueduct to connect up the Khureibah Aqueduct to the Ain Quailibah Spring and the Umm el 'Amad Aqueducts there were two Umm el 'Amad Aqueducts, one of Iron Age or Hellenistic date; and the other one of Byzantine date , to carry the increased volume of water on north to the Abila central civic center. On the other hand, Aqaba is visa free. Cooking falafel — they were delish!

Add in a colourful history, fabulous cuisine and ancient treasures on your doorstep and you really need to get there now 1: The diving Sunken wreck of a tank in Aqaba Dreamstime With its warm waters, clear visibility and technicolour coral gardens, Aqaba has all the things that diving in the Red Sea is famous for, but without the crowds that can be an issue in Eilat and Egyptian resorts.

Its shores are an important layover for the great bird migrations between Africa, Asia and Europe as well.

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The city declined in the late 12th century due earthquakes and attacks by Bedouins and Mamluks forces. We can thus suggest that people living here have been agrarians. For the next four centuries, the site was a simple fishing village of little importance. Area A basilica and its connection with the earlier structures to which it was attached and on which it was built. Indeed, it is here that you will find the greatest concentration of white-eyed gulls in the world. Extensive work will be continued at the Area E basilica west of the Roman bridge, and excavation in the tombs will continue, with special search continuing for Iron Age and Bronze Age tombs. Surprisingly no remains except some sherds in the humus level were of later date. The narrow oblong site is found at a sharp bend of the Wadi esh-Shellaleh. Soon we learned to know that some intrusions had been done in modern times. Awesome spices for sale in Aqaba! This basalt street system was evidently an auxiliary Decumanus street which extended east-west to the south of the main east-west Decumanus which ran from the Roman bridge on the east up the terraces to the west vault over which the Cardo Maximus street ran north-south Cf. Professor, Dr Siegfried Mittmann of Eberhard- Karls-Universitat, Tubingen, who had done an extensive survey of northern Jordan in gave us the advise to open field-work on Tell el-Fukhar. The pavements 8 and 9 are in the southern centre of the trench.

At its heart is the souq, a warren of covered stalls, handicraft stores and traditional cafes. The first stone pavement to be dated was found in Square C II c.

Jordan is perfectly safe, perhaps safer and more politically-stable than most European countries. Pottery dated the pavement to LB I, a date which was confirmed through a find of a scarab of so called Hyksos type.

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Syrian Palace on Raghadan Street is famous for its finely minced kebab. This very hard clay was typical for all layers on the site.

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