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This tends to result in sharp transitions between shades of color in the image, creating a posterized effect. Select an option from the Table menu: Black Body Displays a panel based on the different colors a black body radiator emits as it is heated—from black to red, orange, yellow, and white.

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Netscape standardized the color palette as a workaround. However, indexed color images are not genuinely constrained to a bit RGB color encoding; image palettes can hold any type of color encoding. Pretty neat. Use black and white 1-bit palette: This option generates an image which uses only two colors, black and white.

Since version 4, MSIE handles a color palette. Today, computer hardware easily renders full bit color, but 8-bit indexed images are still widely used to save bandwidth and storage space.

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By default, the current image resolution appears as both the input and the output resolutions. Photoshop Elements provides four image modes: RGB, bitmap, grayscale, and indexed color.

Photoshop Elements weights the conversion toward these colors. To change only once cell comment double-click on the border of the cell comment and make your changes.

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Some colors in the palette may not be used if your image does not have many colors. This is useful for preserving fine lines and text for web images. Click OK to flatten layers. When it is necessary to show multiple images together, as in a mosaic of thumbnails , a common or master palette is often used, which encompasses as many different hues as possible into a single set, thereby limiting the overall accurate color availability. The sampled color is replaced with transparency in the image. When the values of all three components are equal, the result is a shade of neutral gray. The Microsoft Windows boot logo screen in Windows 95, 98, ME, and Professional which uses VGA xx color display mode because it is the greatest common denominator on all PCs employs this technique for the scrolling gradient bar across the bottom of the screen; the picture is a static image with no pixels rewritten after it is initially displayed. Purple, lower-right corner of a cell indicates a smart tag. See color depth , color palette and color lookup table. Matte Specifies the background color used to fill anti-aliased edges that lie adjacent to transparent areas of the image. Due to the separate nature of the associated palette element of the indexed color images, they are ideal to remap grayscale images into false color ones through the use of false color palettes.

This may result in some blotchy or solid patches in areas which should have subtle color changes.

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