Job title inflation

You know people are confused when potential clients use a job title ready reckoner to help them interpret what the people you are putting forward to work with them actually do, and this is not uncommon.

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If the specificity is lost, which is the case with most companies, these job titles cease to matter as they only add to the confusion. For instance, Chief Marketing Officers CMOs from smaller organizations who typically move towards greener pastures to bigger companies often find out that they are grossly unqualified to handle the role, and struggle to deliver the results that are expected from them in terms of increasing market share and brand awareness!

On the sales and client side, we found numerous Chief Customer Officers, along with a very rapid increase in the number of Chief Revenue Officers.

Job inflation

Employers should not only focus on an applicant's previous titles, rather, they need to assess their job responsibilities to decide whether they are a good hire. Were either particularly accurate in describing what I do, not really, does either title really speak to my skill set or competency? Call it an unintended consequence of a stricter regulatory environment, but with fewer, larger companies, the employees in each have to jockey even harder for position and place. Another trend in title inflation is the actual growth of the title itself. They emphasize superficial distinctions among employees and encourage them to fixate on the next promotion—or the next job with the more impressive title. Anyone who has worked in banking knows from personal experience how far title inflation can go if left unchecked. What did I do? Instead of filling conventional boxes on an org chart, we started with the company mission and outcomes we needed to achieve. Over the last decade, media directors became business directors who became group business directors who became executive group business directors who became client leaders. Behavioural impact Researchers have also found that giving an employee a more senior-sounding title can make them act more responsibly by making them feel happier at work.

According to a Bloomberg report in May this year, from tothe number of Chinese people that received higher education increased around percent. But why do companies do this?

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Adding 'chief' made me more authoritative in front of my customers and business partners. And why now? Better to follow the example of Michelle Zatlyn, a co-founder of SaaS platform Cloudflare who waited years before adding COO to her profile and thus set the tone for a mission-driven—not status-focused—culture.

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The epidemic of job title inflation