Katie stanton and susan anthony gave womens right to suffrage a voice

Anthony had for years saved letters, newspaper clippings, and other materials of historical value to the women's movement.

William Howard Taft had cautiously told women to collect more signatures on their petitions before he would take up their cause.

elizabeth cady stanton and susan b. anthony

Visit Website Stanton and Mott were a likely pair from the start. Five of her siblings died in early childhood or infancy.

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It hosted several world congresses, each dealing with a specialized topic, such as religion, medicine and science. Two congressmen came from hospitals to cast affirmative votes. Anthony, Alice Pauland Sojourner Truth.

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Women won the right to vote in Wyoming in and in Utah in Immediately, Anthony and Stanton began their historic friendship. It also helped them promote their wing of the movement, which eventually became a separate organization.

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The better-funded, larger, [63] and more representative woman suffragist vehicle, [64] the American Woman Suffrage Association AWSA , founded the following November and led by Stone, [65] Blackwell, and Howe, [66] supported the Fifteenth Amendment as written. Hers was the organizational and tactical genius. Visions of the lost haunted my dreams. Stanton and Anthony's focus, however, soon shifted to female suffrage and women's rights, activities which inexorably brought them into acquaintance with Alice Cary and Phoebe Cary ; for a short time Phoebe Cary served as editor of Anthony's newspaper, Revolution. I could not see what to do or where to begin—my only thought was a public meeting for protest and discussion. History of Woman Suffrage Cover of Life magazine in During her presidency of the organization, Stanton scandalized many supporters by suggesting that drunkenness be made sufficient cause for divorce. They were arrested on charge of obstructing traffic. The AWSA, which was especially strong in New England , was the larger of the two organizations, but it began to decline in strength during the s. By the time the Fifteenth Amendment was making its way through Congress, Stanton's position had led to a major schism in the women's rights movement itself. The timing was right because the nation was beginning to discuss women's suffrage as a serious matter. Stanton died of heart failure at her home in New York City on October 26, , 18 years before women were granted the right to vote in the United States.
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton