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It is clear Lenin saw the poor peasants making up an integral part of the government.

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Society would become free of class structures and nobody would be richer than anybody else. It was not until the revolution was nearing victory, and the problem of building the new society loomed as a practical matter, that Lenin devoted more attention to the question.

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He pointed out that neither side understood what was required to build socialism. While Marx did not articulate much on the political workings of the revolution and was mainly concerned with the flaws in the economy, Lenin thought to articulate how the revolution should proceed in political terms and so did almost everyone else after Marx. The socio-cultural changes required for establishing a communist society are realised with education and agitprop agitation and propaganda , which reinforce communal values. The first two stages can be overcome in one go i. Capitalism causes inequalities and is responsible for the division of society between different classes, and would eventually be replaced by socialism and then communism. Another is the importance of the global character of revolution — or as Lenin called its counterpart: that capitalism is imperialism. Lenin knew this system could not be sustained indefinitely. Fuel and raw materials were allocated especially to these areas. In March , Lenin said at the Tenth Party Congress that the struggle for socialism in Russia could not succeed without the victory of socialism in other European countries. Part of the confusion comes from a tendency in the left to view socialism as an abstract theoretical issue. So in what follows, a few paragraphs on the major Marxist views are presented. So Marxism refers to both what Marx thought and how to interpret him. In order to do this, they would need to use any means necessary to seize power and establish the proletarian dictatorship.

As time went by, though, Lenin began to see the matter differently. It certainly was. Within days of their overthrow, they began furiously organizing to regain their lost influence.

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Old Bolsheviks Stalin, Lenin and Mikhail Kalinin in Inwithin five years of the death of Vladimir LeninStalin was the Government of the Soviet Uniona ruler who flouted, abided, and applied the socialist principles of Lenin and Marx as political expediencies used to realise his plans for the USSR and for world socialism ; most of which contradicted Lenin's plans for establishing socialism.

Long hours were required, sometimes longer than those worked before the revolution. These initial steps helped weaken the bourgeoisie and consolidate the power of the Soviet government.

The fact that the struggle against bureaucracy was not pursued later led to serious problems for the Soviet Union. This problem was critical, since if socialism could not ultimately provide a higher standard of living than capitalism, why would people want socialism?

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Differences Between Marxism & Leninism