Outline a rose for emily

Outline a rose for emily

Simple as it is in plot, the story is pregnant with meaning. In fact it was down right strange. Introduction A. Her father has just died, and Emily has been abandoned by the man whom the townsfolk believed Emily was to marry. Grierson had once lent the community a significant sum. The townspeople are the unspoken narrator. A Rose for Emily Miss Emily Grierson becomes and isolated old woman who is pitied by the people of the town. Author Information III.

Miss Emily has a strong southern up bringing which ultimately leads to her demise and mental break down.

Also keep in mind that the narrator of this story represents several generations of men and women from the town. In section V, the narrator describes what happens after Emily dies.

As opposed to supportive and doting fathers, a controlling, tyrannical, or abusive father can have daughters who are less well adjusted.

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She eventually closes up the top floor of the house. But, the "newer generation" wasn't happy with this arrangement, and so they paid a visit to Miss Emily and tried to get her to pay the debt.

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The town doubts Emily when they see her buying the arsenic they are suspicious and when they smell the bad odor they sprinkle lime instaed of actually going straight to her about the issue. However, at that point he has been dead for almost a decade.

Author Information III.

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In section II, the narrator describes a time thirty years earlier when Emily resists another official inquiry on behalf of the town leaders, when the townspeople detect a powerful odor emanating from her property.

This description creates suspense for the readers. Words: - Pages:

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