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Newspapers also come with columns for matrimony, job vacancies, etc. Newspaper publisher, companies and agencies provided or generate employment for people.

And most important it is the source of data and information that help to increase awareness, knowledge of the citizens in a country. Even politicians find newspaper quite useful for voicing their political opinion to the people. Importance of newspaper for shopkeepers and business owners In India, almost all shopkeepers and offices are regular users of the newspaper.

But remember that on the internet people do the analyses based on their situations or knowledge. They raise voice against dictatorship, corruption and malpractices.

importance of newspaper 10 points in hindi

Try to build your habit of newspaper reading on a regular basis and experience a healthy change in yourself.

Learn in points, why the newspaper is important?

Role of newspaper in education

Also, the newspapers are published in English, Hindi and other regional languages. Golden Era of newspaper in India - Therefore, in the late 18th and early 19th century, no reputed journalist or newspaper emerged. From the development of language and scripts to printing and finally to the world-wide-web of the internet, we have developed an impressive array of communication systems. Such as if students are learning in college and school about demonetization methods, disadvantages and advantages then teachers can showcase the demonetization content from the newspaper. It has in fact become a mark of the modern day civilization. The government also keeps a track of things through newspaper and at the time of public grievances, the government earnestly puts in efforts to redress them. I hope everyone enjoyed their winter breaks as much as I did. It plays a vital role in strengthening the sovereignty and integrity of a nation. So the daily exercise of newspaper reading never goes waste and it does prove fruitful in many ways. On the other hand, newspaper provides employment to thousands of people and is a good source of income for many — not only for the agencies, but writers, editors, marketing team, etc. The society was founded in

Newspapers are therefore an important part of our daily lives. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a column for crossword puzzle, comic cartoons as well as astrological facts. Submit Feedback Share with your friends and followers It can be defined as a printed means of conveying current information.

However, all these suppressions and oppression reached brutal heights during the Emergency regime of Indira Gandhi.

importance of paper in our daily life
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