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Should a satellite begin to wander, ground crews fire small fuel jets that steer it back on course.

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Velocity jets, are used to place the satellite in orbit position and provide velocity correction. Coastal and river erosions. There are also communications satellites, weather satellites, and the International Space Station.

Another orbit is low-Earth orbit, where a satellite might only be a few hundred kilometers above the planet. If we wish to understand why artificial satellites are so useful, we have to understand what each type of satellites are doing starting with Global Positioning system GPSReconnaissance Satellites, and finally Telecommunications Satellites.

Uses of artificial satellites

Satellites are a fairly new technology, only about 60 years old. These have many different uses, including taking pictures of the Sun, Earth, and other planets, and looking deep into space at black holes, and distant stars and galaxies. Attached to the bus are antennas, solar arrays and payload instruments such as cameras, telescopes and communications equipment. Sometimes they are closer, and at other times they are farther away. Maritime ship detection and asset protections 1. How many objects, exactly, are orbiting out there? In commerce, communication is just as important and can benefit the entire world. It was very simple. Last modified 19 December Useful space.

The first artificial satellite was the Soviet Sputnik 1 mission, launched in As a satellite is any object that orbits another, Artificial Satellites are people-made. Ways of protecting the instruments include using layered blankets that look like aluminium foil to keep heat in, and adding radiators to release heat from electrical equipment.

Early versions of these navigating systems installed a computer hard drive into the car.

History of satellite

This gives a large number of solar cells exposed to the sun 24 hours a day. A small aluminium ball, about the size of a beach ball, with four long antennas, and was powered by batteries. In , the United States launched its first artificial satellite Telstar I into orbit. Government agents eager to hide their guilt believe that Dean is on to them, and proceed to turn his life upside-down, ruin his reputation, and frame him for various incidents, thanks to the latest in high-tech government surveillance techniques Since the primary source of power in most satellites is from solar cells, a maximum number of the solar cells must be exposed to the sun at all times. How do they orbit? A satellite is a small thing orbiting or circling a larger thing.
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