Steps to writing a functional resume

Instead of going right from the summary to your work experience, you need to follow it with a summation of your relevant skills. When done well, this resume format quickly and efficiently explains how you can help an organization.

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Standard headings In addition to customizable headings, certain standard headings are also included in a functional resume. If you have employment gaps or a lot of short-term positions, a chronological resume calls attention to your employment history, which may be a red flag to some employers.

Steps to writing a functional resume

No matter what, you will likely still need to include employment history. For each skill, come up with bullet points that help provide evidence of your abilities. Functional headings Both the beauty and the drawback of a functional resume is that the headings change depending on the job to which you are applying. For openings with fewer applicants, the hiring manager might spend more time on each application. Though there may be gaps in your work experience, including the work you have done can be helpful for employers—especially when relevant to the position. Skills and abilities are listed first, followed by chronological experience. Use your best judgment. Job searchers have lots of choices when it comes to creating their resume.

Organize by theme. James Kennedy.

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When writing a resumeyou need to decide which experience is relevant and which is not. This is a good option for people who have gaps in their professional experience.

Did you include the basic contact information he or she will need to call you in for an interview? How to write a functional resume If the functional format is good for you, you then have additional options on how to go about designing your resume.

Tips for Writing a Functional Resume Consider a resume summary. We've copied and pasted a functional resume template from Microsoft Word below.

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What Is a Functional Resume?