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The university may well have been in a difficult financial condition, but if that condition was serious enough genuinely to necessitate the large-scale layoff of faculty and staff in midsemester, then there was de facto a state of financial exigency.

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The Atlanta School of Social Work, long associated with the university, gave up its charter in to become an integral part of the university. My worst? Brown, has remained vacant.

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The influence of Atlanta University has been extended through professional journals and organizations, including Phylonand through the work of Dr. By not affording the dismissed faculty members opportunity for a hearing before a body of faculty peers, the Clark Atlanta University administration denied them academic due process to which they were entitled under stated university regulations as well as Association-supported standards.

Then I came to Atlanta … and the city was just moving!

clark atlanta university essay

One was that I had visited when I was in high school and really fell in love with Atlanta. It was a fun time, man. We had like the biggest rap star in the game come to Clark Atlanta University and just kick it.

Indeed, interviews and documentation show that good-faith offers of alternatives from faculty leaders were dismissed, with the administration stating that it assumed, without asking, that the faculty would not be amenable.

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