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Laglo, Agbessi Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, This thesis is an inquiry into the political evolution of British Togoland to identify factors that have contributed to the emergence of British Togoland Movement as well as those factors which continue to foil and sustain it from till now.

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Journal of Peace Research 53 5 : References Aktas, Ozgur Tarih egitiminde savas ve baris: ortaogretim ogrencilerinin savas ve baris konulariyla ilgili bilgilerinin ve tutumlarinin cesitli degiskenler acisindan degerlendirilmesi [War and peace at history education: An evaluation of the knowledge and attitudes of secondary school students concerning the issues of war and peace].

International Journal on World Peace 26 2 : In this respect, the causes of war were reported to include economic and political benefits and religious and ethnical discrimination.

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Statues of Chiang decorated all official buildings and schools, but once Taiwan had been ruled by Chiang and his son for 38 years of martial law, which ended in The results The event stirred up the military, governments and the news media.

I identify two main competing discourses active in this field, a Liberal Individualist Discourse, and a Social Collectivist Discourse.

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Journal of Peace Research 40 2 : Ramos, Trans.

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Multipliers for peace : how peace education can contribute to conflict transformation