Thesis statement for gay adoption

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As a nation our laws are fluid, evolving with a changing society. All of the evidence shows that lesbians and gay men can and do make good parents. However, the mother planned to give Henry up for adoption Later in the movie it was revealed that the parents were very abusive to Teddy because at a very young age, Teddy was sent to a military school because his parents did not like them.

Lgbt adoption advantages and disadvantages

Another noticeable disadvantage that same sex couples have to deal with is that they are unable to share benefits such as married couples have. Do gay parents and guardians effect children negatively? Im not saying I agree with everything but I think there are some changes that need to be made. Truly speaking of a nuclear family, but realistically families take different appearances and are represented in other ways. The only difference in these families is there are two mothers or two fathers. A child needs stability while growing up Due to religious prejudice, however, a huge group of willing and able couples are not allowed to adopt due to their sexual orientation. There are logical reasons to allow gays to adopt children, but for some, these reasons are not enough

Lee Badgetti. These laws have passed because of petitions, rallies, and debates. Society also plays a big part in the gay marriage legalization process. Dent Jr.

Thesis statement for gay adoption

Regardless of the possibility that 5 the administration does not wish to give some fiscal security to homosexual couples, it ought not to rebuff the children of such connections. Most married couples will look at gay marriage as a threat to the constitution of marriage and will cause the demise of the traditional marriage. Although adoption is first spoken of in the Bible, the first recorded adoption takes place in in the colonial United States when the governor of Massachusetts adopts a son marking the first legal adoption Sezun The traditional definition of raising a family is one man and one woman raising their children together, which is why gay adoption has been a struggle for many gay couples. When we define the word family, a numerous of people would include a mother, father, and at best two children, possibly one child. Adoption agencies however are sometimes biased and restrict certain group of people based on their sexual orientation Please sign up to read full document. To better understand how gay and lesbian families are viewed in society, it is important to look at the history behind the gay rights movements, and studies aimed at the development of children who are growing up in a same-sex household

Although homosexual marriage is not allowed in some states, the anatomy of the person, whether male or female, hardly allows them to reproduce without sperm or ovaries Mothers talk among themselves, stirring their glasses of lemonade absently.

Even with same sex couples being more commonly accepted, there are still conservative and religious leaders that remain opposed Another noticeable disadvantage that same sex couples have to deal with is that they are unable to share benefits such as married couples have.

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The idea of gay marriage conflicts with their idea of marriage; that somehow when two people of the opposite sex are in love it is less official.

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