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Motorboat owners are likely to have room in their yard to store them, but if you can provide covered storage, you can have an added-value component to your business. In just three years, the start-up has amassed a portfolio of 9, rooms, but cost-saving measures meant it had to cut its headcount by 10 percent, according to media reports in July.

One of Innov8's co-working spaces in Delhi. A promotional image of a Shuttl bus in India Shuttl Global headcount: 45 Headquarters: Pune InterviewBit helps jobseekers prepare for tech interviews, particularly in the software engineering space.

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These comprise third-party logistics 3PL , couriers and freight cargo services, air cargo services and warehousing services. Beyond medical appointments, you could drive seniors to the grocery store or to outings at the mall. Bicycle rental Renting bicycles is a thriving business in certain areas. Getting a veterinary technician license or bringing a certified vet tech with you might be useful and give you an edge for getting customers and word-of-mouth praise. In tourism areas, you might look to set up near a large hotel or resort where extended vacations stays create ready customers. Moreover, cities known for their efficient mobility options, like Copenhagen and Zurich, make sure urban transport is integral to the way the city develops, rather than playing catch-up, which is what Indian cities do and often fail at. Unveiled in June , the programme, one of the marquee initiatives of the government, is aimed at upgrading infrastructure in cities. Payment to the driver is on a weekly basis.

The program has helped shape the likes of Airbnb and Coinbase. Senior services America is aging at a fast pace.

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Global headcount: Headquarters: Bengaluru Online insurer Digit Insurance aims to simplify policy processes and claims to approve 87 percent of claims within 24 hours. In a bid to ensure employees are aware of client needs, all staff are required to take customer support calls for four hours every month, regardless of seniority. The Smart Cities Mission attempts to bring in a certain amount of coordination between the agencies. Startup costs include purchasing one or more trucks in a range of sizes that will accommodate the type of moving you plan to do. The government agreed to give each of the cities Rs crore every year for five years, with an equal contribution coming from the state government and the urban local body combined. Global headcount: 70 Headquarters: Pune Product development company Exadatum helps businesses make sense of large volumes of data by providing them with analytics tools. Every effort should be made regarding crafting a Business plan As it would prove to be helpful in raising funds for your transport business. But if you keep your prices reasonable and become known for taking extra good care of the boats you transport, you may find people hiring you to take care of this for them anyway. Grant funders, corporate sponsors, and the federal government are often looking to utilize their funds for human service programs coming to the aid of the most vulnerable citizens.

Hubway offers annual or monthly membership or daily passes. So there is little scope to win over the market by a price war, discounts or undercutting of tariffs, therefore, Try to concentrate on your service efficiency That is improve quality of your service, Ensure safe and timely delivery of goods.

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In this edited excerpt, the authors briefly discuss 12 ways you can get started in the transportation industry. The company provides users with a plan on how to prepare for their interviews, practice coding problems, as well as access to mentors and feedback.

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Transportation Business Opportunity in India