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On the contrary, Howard Zinn gives his opinion that the founding Fathers were not democratic reformers; rather, they were making decisions that protected their power. And at the risk of becoming boring, it must be reiterated that the only weapon in the Constitutional list arsenal was an effective mobilization of public opinion.

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Essay Carly Ishee Dr. Were they just looking to profit for themselves, they mainly wo The Philadelphia Convention was not a College of Cardinals or a council of Platonic guardians working within a manipulative, pre-democratic framework; it was a nationalist reform caucus which had to operate with great delicacy and skill in a political cosmos full of enemies to achieve the one definitive goal-popular approbation.

Luther Martin, Maryland's bibulous narcissist, left on September 4 in a huff when he discovered that others did not share his self-esteem; others went home for personal reasons. They also considered the New Jersey Plan. According to the standard script, at this point the "states' rights" group intervened in force behind the New Jersey Plan, which has been characteristically portrayed as a revision to the status quo under the Articles of Confederation with but minor modifications.

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For over three months, in what must have seemed to the faithful participants an endless process of give and, take, they reasoned, cajoled, threatened, and bargained amongst themselves.

This was not a consequence of elitism or fear of the mob; it was a logical extension of states', rights doctrine to guarantee that the national institution did not end-run the state legislatures and make direct contact with the people.

It is important to note that the majority of scholars, philosophers and thinkers were theologians ecclesiastically employed, and that the educational institutions available were under the control of the Church. Moreover, in the two weeks that followed, the Virginia Plan received initial temper of the gathering can be deduced from the approval "without debate or dissent," on May 31, of the Sixth Resolution which granted Congress the authority to disallow state legislation contravening in its opinion the Articles of Union. The "Fathers" have thus been admitted to our best circles; the revolutionary ferocity which confiscated all Tory property in reach. Essay Carly Ishee Dr. No related essay papers. Randolph endorsed ratification in Virginia and ended up getting the best of both worlds. This was a political master-stroke. A careful examination of the evidence indicates that only in a marginal sense is this an accurate description.

Civic responsibility is difficult to enforce on anyone. In India, regionalism, class, and communalism had become the fuel of politics. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

Caustic Charles Pinckney was not far off when he remarked sardonically that ".

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Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers?