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However, a special Internet Service Provider license needs to be purchased if you intend to sell the WiFi service. It is important to decide how much bandwidth you want to allocate per user. The project will piggyback on an existing government plan to install fiber-optic internet cables across the country. If you have any queries about these product u can feel free to contact me. WiFi zones can be expensive and monetization can be tricky. A recent government auction of frequencies for super fast mobile networks was a flop. We have broken this tutorial into 5 chapters to help businesses and entrepreneurs understand how to start a public WiFi zone. The Ethernet port is auto-sensing. WiFi is a low range frequency and usually a single router or an access point can effective cover approximately a radius of m. It will eventually be extended to other parts of the country. Please restore to factory defaults before proceeding. Using a web browser, enter

Using a web browser, enter Now, the Indian government is stepping up its own efforts. This can be done by calculating the the following attributes: There are many ways to estimate the the number of people who will use your WiFi service.

The program aims to "provide basic development services to rural areas using digital technology," said Aruna Sundararajan, an official at the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

A brief introduction on how to start a public WiFi zone. Global tech firms and Indian internet providers are racing to grab a piece of the country's unconnected population of more than million people.

For that PtP link I prefers Ubinquity product because the cost is very affordable and the product community is very big so u can get answer all of your question. While the former scenario relies on providing users free WiFi as a utility service, the later scenarios rely on providing a great user experience.

If there are too many walls or obstructions range will be affected. Now we started to find any bandwidth provider but due to rural area we require more time to find bandwidth provider.

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It plans to provide free WiFi to 1, villages across the vast country under a new pilot project known as Digital Village.

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