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All the variations of Mobile IP assign each mobile node a permanent home address on its home network and a care-of address that identifies the current location of the device within a network and its subnets.

This is needed in networks whose gateway routers check that the source IP address of the mobile host belongs to their subnet or discard the packet otherwise. Now, a tunnel will be established between the home agent and the foreign agent by the process of tunneling.

The Foreign Agent is a router that advertises care-of addresses, which are used by mobile IP.

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The address might be dynamically acquired as a temporary address by the mobile node, such as through DHCP. In the case of the mobile node, this address is its home address. For each registered mobile node, the home agent forwards received broadcast datagrams to the mobile node; the method depends on how the configuration of the home agent specifies categories of broadcast datagrams forwarded to mobile nodes.

If the mobile node's home agent is a multicast router, the mobile node can join groups using a bidirectional tunnel to its home agent. If the registration request is not valid, the Foreign Agent sends a registration reply with appropriate error code to the Mobile Node.

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The home agent also maintains current location information for the mobile node. They are not solely responsible for discovery, they only play a part. This is known as triangular routing or "route optimization" RO mode. When away from home, a care-of address associates the mobile node with its home address by providing information about the mobile node's current point of attachment to the Internet or an organization's network. Home Agent Considerations Home agents play an active role in the registration process. No other routers in the network or any hosts with which the Mobile Node is communicating need to be changed or even aware of the movement of the Mobile Node. When using a co-located care-of address, the mobile node serves as the endpoint of the tunnel and performs de-encapsulation of the datagrams tunneled to it. Mobile IP uses a registration mechanism to register the care-of address with a home agent.

This is known as agent solicitation. The foreign agent forwards the datagram to the Internet host.

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